A list of current IMHH 2012 signatories can be accessed below.

Signatory Name Company Number
2H Offshore Engineering Limited 02790139
3sun Limited 05995667
A V Technology Limited 01829338
A.C.Norton Limited 08331319
AAF Limited 00875806
Abandonment & Cutting Energy Services Limited 07652181
ABB Limited 03780764
Aberdeen Drilling Consultants Limited SC099049
Aberdeen Fabrication Limited SC081672
Aberdeen Fluid System Technologies Limited SC196885
Aberdeen Maritime Consultants Limited SC261472
Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services Limited SC214527
Aberdeen Realisations 2010 Limited SC169981
Abermed Limited SC267667
ABLE Instruments and Controls Limited 01851002
Ably Resources Limited SC279302
ABMAS Engineering Limited SC261696
Accessun Limited SC342565
Accord Energy Solutions Limited SC383289
ACFR Recruitment Limited SC453517
ACN Offshore Ltd 09452821
Acotec 448.964.401
Adler & Allan Ltd 00318460
Advanced Industrial Solutions Limited 05982756
Advanced Insulation Limited 06416439
Advantec Aberdeen Limited SC413980
Aggreko UK Limited SC051093
AGR Subsea AS 978712606
AGR TRACS International Limited SC177956
AGR Well Management Limited SC189858
Aiken Group Limited SC102664
Air Resources Limited 1427732
Air Technology Limited 02157358
AISUS Offshore Limited SC426689
Aker Engineering & Technology Ltd 5391240
Aker Offshore Partner Limited 01532141
Aker Subsea Limited 04977339
Alatas UK Limited 02319388
Alba Instrumentation Limited 06605542
Alba Power Limited SC257863
Alderley Process Technologies Limited 02682370
Alderley Systems Ltd 01905807
Alfa Laval Limited 00187261
Alfred Cheyne Engineering Limited SC168176
Alimak Hek Ltd 00930125
Allen Gearing Solutions Limited 06495417
Allied Pipefreezing Services Limited 03928951
Allied Stevedores Limited SC250646