Notifying the Administrator

Ideally you should notify the Administrator of your submission at least two weeks prior to your intended submission date.

Please notify the Administrator of your submission by copying and completing the below and then email to


Any Execution Deed submitted should be on a "One Execution Deed one SPA" approach.  This is an approach which has been agreed with OGA.  Any Execution Deed which does not follow this approach will require OGA approval which may substantially delay your submission or render it unsuitable for the Master Deed process.

-          My Execution Deed meets the “one Execution Deed one SPA” approach – YES / NO

Please note that payment must be received and a copy of the OGA consent must be provided to the Administrator prior to submitting your Execution Deed & Execution Deed Table for review and prior to the Administrator commencing user approvals.

Details required Response

Have you obtained OGA Consent (if so provide expiry date)  


Has Transaction Leader attended compulsory training (only a trained Transaction Leader may be responsible for a transaction)?


Disposing Participant 


Acquiring Person 

Licence details   
Number of Affected Petroleum Agreements   

Number of Remaining Participants (excluding Non-Contracting Parties)

Number of Non-Contracting Parties   
Intended submission date   
Intended completion date   
Company name, address (and reference) to be used for invoice   
After we have processed your submission, how many original copies of the signed and sealed Execution Deed would you like to request (maximum of 3 can be requested).  This applies to the Administrator signing by 'wet signature'.