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Price: £0.00 +VAT
Part 1 of 3

Due to size of document, the comparison has been split into 3 parts.

Price: £3.33 +VAT
Part 2 of 3
Price: £3.33 +VAT
Part 3 of 3
Price: £3.34 +VAT
COMPARISON Supply of Major Items of Plant and Equipment Edition 2 and 3
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Construction Edition 1_June 1997
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Construction Edition 2_October 2003

Intended application - major fabrication works; topside installations and hook-up; significant topside modifications' construction services contracts for topsides work and similar.

Price: £10.00 +VAT
Construction Edition 3_November 2018

The General Conditions of Contract for Construction have been prepared to serve the following scopes of work:

  • major fabrication;
  • topsides installation and hook up;
  • significant topsides modifications;
  • construction services contracts for topsides works.

This can also be used as the basis, with appropriate amendments, for other contracting arrangements (e.g. EPIC/EPFI).

Price: £10.00 +VAT
Cost Reduction Initiative for the New Era (CRINE) Report February 1994

In 1993 it was identified that the oil and gas industry was facing a number of fundamental challenges to its future prosperity (at this time real oil prices were expected to continue to remain at low levels).  With this, capital and operating costs continued to escalate and it was acknowledged that urgent action was required to reverse this trend.  So CRINE was established to address these issues with the ultimate objective of achieving a substantial reduction in the cost base of the UKCS development and production activities.  So the CRINE Report was produced and contains findings and a view on how the process should be carried forward.  This report is dated 1994 and is over 350 pages.

Price: £25.00 +VAT
Design Edition 1_June 1997
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Design Edition 2_October 2003

Intended application - design contracts generally (but excluding well design).

Price: £10.00 +VAT
LOGIC GDPR Clause & Guidance Notes
Price: £0.00 +VAT
Marine Construction - Edition 1_February 1998
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Marine Construction Edition 2_October 2004

Intended application - pipelaying; offshore installation; subsea construction; inspection repair and maintenance usign diving and other support vessels.

Price: £10.00 +VAT
Mobile Drilling Rigs Edition 1_December 1997

Intended application - the provision of mobile drilling units on daywork

Price: £10.00 +VAT
Purchase of Goods_Edition 3_March 2018General Conditions of Contract (including Guidance Notes) for Purchase of Goods
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Edition 1_December 1997
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Edition 2_December 2005

Intended application - procurement transactions involving high volume, low value, or low technical risk.

Price: £10.00 +VAT
Services (On and off-shore) Edition 2_October 2003

Intended application - a wide range of offshore and onshore services.

Price: £10.00 +VAT
Services (On- and Offshore) Edition 3_March 2014
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Services for Offshore Edition 1_June 1997
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Services for Onshore Edition 1_June 1997
Price: £10.00 +VAT
SME Services Edition 1_March 2001

Intended application - a wide range of services provided by SMEs.

Price: £10.00 +VAT
Subcontract for SME Services Edition 1_March 2001

Intended application - a wide range of services provided by SMEs when acting as sub-contractors.

Price: £10.00 +VAT
Supply of Major Items of Plant and Equipment Edition 1_March 1998
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Supply of Major Items of Plant and Equipment Edition 2_December 2005

Intended application - the purchase of complex capital plant and equipment such as gas turbines, compressors and pumps.

Price: £10.00 +VAT
Supply of Major Items of Plant and Equipment Edition 3_December 2015
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Well Services Edition 1_June 1997
Price: £10.00 +VAT
Well Services Edition 2_March 2001

Intended application - service contracts associated with well engineering work.

Price: £10.00 +VAT