Master Deed Documents

There are a number of Documents that form the basis of a Master Deed transaction; however the majority of documents can be found in the Master Deed itself.

The documents below are available to download free of charge in pdf format.


The Master Deed
The Master Deed is the agreement that is subscribed to by the parties to the Master Deed. It sets forth the arrangements between both the Contracting Parties and any Non-Contracting Parties and the Administrator.

It provides the New Transfer Arrangements, the New Pre-emption Arrangements and the pro-forma documents to be used. 

Pro-forma Short Form Execution Deed
Short Form Execution Deed & Guidance

This document is the basis of all Master Deed transfers. It is the Execution Deed that is circulated between the Parties to the transfer and submitted to the Administrator, along with the Notice of Transfer and Consent to Transfer, for processing and execution on behalf of the Contracting Parties.

Pro-forma Notice of Transfer - for paper submissions (no longer in use)
Pro-forma Notice of Transfer (Schedule 2 of the Master Deed)