Master Deed Online

Online system

  1. A Disposing Participant will follow the New Pre-emption Arrangements to establish the Acquiring Person;
  2. The Parties will agree the terms of the Execution Deed;
  3. The Disposing Participant will submit the finalised Execution Deed to the Administrator to be uploaded on to the Master Deed online system along with the following: the fee; a side letter requesting execution on behalf of the Remaining Participants that are Contracting Parties;
  4. The Administrator will review and upload the Execution Deed (along with *DECC consent if requested);
  5. The Disposing Participant will complete the Notice of Transfer and Consent to Transfer online;
  6. The Remaining Participants that are Contracting Parties will log on and consent to the Execution Deed.
  7. The Administrator will return the signed Execution Deed within the prescribed time frame and then the transferring parties will complete the transfer.
*Please note that since the Services Level Agreement has been published, DECC Consent is now referred to as OGA Consent.
There is also an additional step (effective from 1st January 2016) in the overall process which is not referred to above