Completing your submission

Check whether Consent to Transfer has been given by each Remaining Participant

You will see a summary of the stage of your transaction on the “Transaction” page. The status will change as follows:

  • No Consent created;
  • Awaiting consent authorisation; or
  • Consent accepted


When a Consent to Transfer has been declined

If the Consent to Transfer has been declined you will see the words “Awaiting consent authorisation” in the status column next to that company’s name. Below the “view execution deed” hyperlink you will see a new section headed “Previous Consents”. Under this section you will see the name of the Remaining Participant that has declined the Consent; their reason for declining; and the date on which they declined.

You may create a new Consent to Transfer for the Remaining Participant that declined by clicking “Create” under the “Consent” column next to that Remaining Participant.


Request that the Administrator execute the Execution Deed

Once all of the Remaining Participants have provided their Consent to Transfer you should notify the Administrator as your Execution Deed can now be signed.

  • Return certified copy of fully executed Execution Deed to the Administrator within ten (10) days of completion