Processing time and fees

Online process

A rate of £1125.00 + VAT per Execution Deed.

  1. Parties must, in the format requested, notify the Service Provider of a submission at least ten (10) working days prior to the intended date of submission. A copy of DECC Consent* must be provided to the Service Provider with the Notification of Submission;
  2. The Disposing Participant will provide the Service Provider with their company name, billing address and invoice reference to allow the Service Provider to prepare an invoice. The Service Provider will prepare and issue the invoice to the Disposing Participant within three to five (3 to 5) working days;
  3. Upon receipt of payment of an invoice, the Disposing Participant may submit a finalised Execution Deed to the Service Provider for review. At the same time, the Disposing Participant should notify the Service Provider of the details of the nominated Transaction Leader and Users;
  4. The Service Provider will within three to five (3 to 5) working days of receipt of an Execution Deed, review and either - (i) approve and Execution Deed, or; (ii) advise of any changes to be made to an Execution Deed. If an Execution Deed is revised, the Service Provider will review a revised Execution Deed within three to five (3 to 5) working days from the date the revised Execution Deed is submitted to the Service Provider;
  5. The Service Provider will carry out User approvals for the Transaction Users by contacting the main contact nominated by each company of which the Transaction Users are assigned;
  6. The Service Provider will upload an approved Execution Deed and assign the Transaction Leader and Users (only once approved) within two (2) working days;
  7. The Service Provider will process any request to change Transaction Users within two (2) working days;

Upon completion of steps 1 – 7 above, the Service Provider shall provide a signed copy of Execution deed within two (2) working days of all Consents to Transfer being accepted by the Transaction Users.

*Please note that since the Services Level Agreement has been published, DECC Consent is now referred to as OGA Consent.

There is also an additional step (effective from 1st January 2016) in the overall process which is not referred to above.