Contact - VPOB

The Vantage Helpdesk provides help to all users of the Vantage POB system, including individuals who phone for advice as an offshore traveller, or wanting to set up as a contractor Pay for View, or ask questions as an Operator user.


The Vantage Helpdesk provides the following services for travellers:

  • Provide their Vantage POB number
  • Certificates list (screenshot)
  • Reset password on MyVantage if locked out of account

Vantage Helpdesk contact details:   +44 1224 339730

Vantage Helpdesk working hours - Monday to Friday 0830 -1700


The Vantage Helpdesk does NOT:

  • Update personnel records
  • Add email addresses
  • Provide trip history
  • Provide booking details
  • Provide copy of certificates


(Please contact LOGIC - for any queries on these points.)