LOGIC standard contracts – digitalisation

OGUK’s subsidiary LOGIC (Leading Oil & Gas Industry Competitiveness) has now converted its suite of 11 Standard Contracts to allow them to be distributed in Word format, rather than pdf, providing users with the flexibility to digitalise the documents as required. As a not-for-profit organisation operating as a custodian for UKCS cross-industry tools and services, LOGIC has spearheaded the standardisation of legal contracts in partnership with industry, to improve the efficiency of drafting, executing and negotiating commercial agreements.


Now in its 20th anniversary year, LOGIC is making this change in support of ongoing industry efforts to further improve the efficiency of legal and commercial working practices.   Currently there are 11 Standard Contracts, which can be downloaded from the LOGIC website, including Construction, SME Services, Design, Marine Construction, Mobile Drilling Rigs, Purchase of Goods, Services (on and offshore), Subcontract for SME services, Supply of Major Items of Plant and Equipment, Well Services and Offshore Decommissioning. They have been developed to provide companies and their contractors with a framework for working towards commercial agreements in a timely, co-operative and effective manner and contribute to improving the sector’s competitiveness, with the contracts regularly downloaded as a basis for use all around the world.