Guidance for submitting an Execution Deed


  1. Notify LOGIC of submission (at least 2 weeks notice) – Please use this submission form:
  2. Invoice to be prepared by LOGIC (up to 5 working days).  Allow for payment to go through before Stage 3
  3. Submit finalised Execution Deed and Execution Deed Table form to LOGIC for review (3-5 working days).  Please note that should LOGIC advise changes are to be made to an Execution Deed, the review of a revised Execution Deed will take a further 3-5 working days.   The Execution Deed will not be reviewed until a copy of  OGA consent is provided to LOGIC.
  4. Provide LOGIC with details of Transaction Leader and Users (LOGIC will need to seek approval of users – this can take up to 10 working days but sometimes longer)
  5. LOGIC to upload Execution Deed and assign Users (2 working days)
  6. Transaction Leader to create Notice of Transfer and Consents to Transfer (estimate 2 working days)
  7. All Consents to Transfer accepted (estimate 1 – 28 working days)
  8. LOGIC to process submission (2 working days)
  9. Consider how processed Execution Deed will be collected / delivered (LOGIC will only post out by recorded delivery but you can arrange hand collection or courier)