I require a Master Deed online account, what should I do?

Any requests for a new account must come from your company main contact as listed on the signatory listing section of the website.


I have forgotten username / password, who should I contact?

Please email logic@oeuk.org.uk


I require to change the main contact for my company - what is the process?

Any request to change the main contact must come from your company Oil & Gas UK Operators Legal Committee or Oil & Gas UK Operators Advisory Council rep.  Should your company not sit on these committees, then we would require the request to come from your company CEO or equivalent.  Requests to change the contact can be made via email - logic@oeuk.org.uk


I have an Execution Deed uploaded to the online system but need to swap out a page in it - can I do this?

No, we do no permit this.  You will need to advise LOGIC that the Execution Deed is incorrect.  It will then be removed from the system and you will need to re-submit your Execution Deed for review.  An additional payment may be required.


My company main contact is on holiday - can you give me the authorisation code?

No.  We can only provide the main contact with the authorisation code.


How can I change my company authorisation code?

The main company contact can email this request to logic@oeuk.org.uk