Creating Consents to Transfer

  1. Log in to your Master Deed Online account

Log in and go to “Transactions” on the left-hand side of your screen. 

You will find your transaction under “Transactions on which you are a leader”.

Check the following:

  • your Execution Deed and any other documents have been uploaded; and
  • all relevant Remaining Participants have been assigned to the transaction.


A new button “Create” under the “Consent” heading will have appeared for each Company.  Click on this for the Remaining Participant you would first like to create a Consent to Transfer for. 

Please note that Consents to Transfer are required to be completed individually for each Remaining Participant.

  • Enter the Disposing Participant’s and chosen Remaining Participant’s company number.

You can enter the details manually by clicking the hyperlink “enter the details manually”, which will take you to the beginning of the Consent to Transfer creation page.

  • Insert a header for the Consent summarising the transaction.
  • If you populated the Disposing Participant’s and the Remaining Participant’s company number using Companies House then check the populated details.

If you chose to enter the details manually then you must enter the following in respect of the Disposing Participant and the Remaining Participant:

- company name;

- company registration number;

- what country the company was registered in; and

- registered office address.

  • Once you have entered all of the above information click “Save” this will take you through to an editable version of the Consent to Transfer. You may edit the content and formatting of the Consent to Transfer at this stage. To help with this you can preview the Consent in pdf format by clicking the “preview” button. When you are happy for the Consentto Transfer to be sent click “submit” and it will be sent to the Remaining Participant.


Top tip – If you realise that you have made a mistake you may delete the Consent at any time before the Remaining Participant authorises it.