Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a Vantage card?

A: You do not need a Vantage card to be booked throughVantage POB.

Most heliports that use Vantage POB can print photo-id cards to speed up check-in on your subsequent trips. Ask for a card to be created next time that you travel.


Q: What is the minimum rest period?

A: The minimum rest period is generally 1/3 of the previous offshore trip. For a 21 day trip this would be 7 days, for a 14 day trip it would be 5 days.

This is not a hard and fast rule, and some operators do have additional rules such as 21 days out of 28, 28 out of 42, as well as a maximum number of days offshore in a year, depending on the type of installation.

If you assume 1/3 of previous trip, then you won’t go wrong, but there are always exceptional circumstances where dispensations can be granted (normally by the OIM), and if in doubt, always check with the operator you will be travelling with.


Q: Can I get a user account on Vantage POB?

A: We offer read-only access to Vantage POB for companies that have registered employees in Vantage. Non-operator companies can have up to 15 registered users. Please contact or your company focal point to discuss your need for access.


Q: Who can add training certificate / medical certificate / insurance certificate information?

A: Operators are responsible for the maintenance of information held in Vantage POB. Please contact the logistics department of the operator that will next use the personnel in question.