Scope of Service

OPITO uses the Vantage POB database to maintain their central register of approved training certificates.


Vantage POB can also be offered as a stand-alone solution for operators. Please contact Collabro (contact details may be found in the contact section of this website)  if this would be of interest to your organisation.


Functionally, Vantage POB underwent a major extension delivered in January 2011  - Personnel Scheduling and Competency Management (PSCM). PSCM will make it easier for planners to ensure that the correct mix of skills and personnel with special duties are scheduled be present on facilities. Currently this is for the use of the 10 funding members, however if any company has an interest prior to general please contact the Collabro.


Vantage POB is continually evolving through recommendations from its users and service providers. Infrastructure work has been planned, however the transition ought to be seamless for users.