LOGIC is a not-for-profit wholly owned subsidiary of Oil & Gas UK that operates as the custodian for cross-industry projects that aim to increase the efficiency of working practice in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (known as the UKCS).

LOGIC has its own corporate governance board.

Shared service for personnel and certification tracking
An online system to provide information regarding asset transaction
Industry Mutual Hold Harmless Deed
Sharing of excess seat capacity on North Sea Helicopter flights
For use within the UK Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
UK Oil & Gas Industry Response Call Operation

Master Deed Online

Master Deed Online is an online system for UKCS asset transactions. Its purpose is to expedite the transfer of UKCS offshore licence interests and other agreements relating to associated assets and infrastructure.


Standard Contracts

The Standard Contracts for the UK offshore oil and gas industry (formerly CRINE contracts) have been developed by the Standard Contracts Committee and more recently, the Oil & Gas UK Legal Issues Forum - LOGIC Standard Contracts Workgroup, and are issued by LOGIC for use within the industry between companies and their contractors.


Latest News

6 July 2016
Due to essential maintenance, the LOGIC website and Master Deed online system will be unavailable on 14th September 2016.