Vantage POB is LOGIC’s shared service to oil and gas operators for personnel and certification tracking at onshore and offshore installations.

Founded in Aberdeen, and based on the findings of the Cullen Report, each Operator previously had independent systems in place and in 2000 the UK oil and gas industry initiated a project to establish a shared solution. Known as Vantage POB, it was designed by logistics personnel in the industry, embodying industry best practice in aviation logistics,  and has been available to the industry since 2003.

It is available for use within the EU by any user, however funding member companies have a licence for use globally.

A single Vantage POB instance can support sharing on a large scale

  • 46 oil and gas operators share the service
  • >1,300,000 movements tracked per annum
  • >420 locations managed
  • >4,000 users supported


Please direct any queries to:

LOGIC should not be contacted for questions that relate to VPOB personnel information or support.